Cosplay, Anime, Maid Cafe!

Anime Evolution Day!

This day needed 2 videos. The first video is of our time at Anime Evolution and the 2nd video is clips of the performances. Both videos give you an idea of how fun the event was! So please watch and like both! 🙂

If you have never heard of Anime- you have not been living right all this time.

New Anime I have never seen!
So cute! So fluffy!

I’m not a die hard fan of anime, but I do watch some anime’s and love the characters and stories! Of course everyone watched Sailormoon! You weren’t a 90’s kid if you didn’t! I remember rushing home after school in my elementary school days to watch the next episode of Sailormoon on YTV! Those were the carefree good old days.

Sailormoon power!!

I wanted Omera to watch some of the  anime I’ve watched when I was a kid. But when I think back to Sailormoon- it was pretty violent. Of course it had brave girls fighting evil – pre-dating the Wonder Woman movie. But there is a lot of violence, themes of scary things, and death…which I think my 6 year old shouldn’t be desensitized to this early.

So I thought back to the different animes out there and she started to watch Magical DoReMi and some CardCaptors- I had to kinda stop her from watching Card Captors because it does get pretty scary and the main character does have her nasty points!

But Magical DoReMi is awesome! Cute themes of friendship, doing your best, being honest and helping others- CHECK CHECK CHECK!

Cute stuff!
More Cute things!

So when  I told her about Anime Evolution that my good friend from High School told me about, I was sure Omera would love it! So we bought tickets!

Vector 7! Such lovely and kind ladies!

It was a bit smaller then the large scale Comicon or Anime conventions which was good because I needed this to be family friendly! We saw a life performance by 2 idol groups called Vector 7 and Vectorish!

The fans!
Dedicated fans!

And even had a date set with the Maid Cafe with our very own Maid Charlene!

Beautiful Maid Charlene!
Maid Charlene at your service!

We saw different stalls of the different anime, some of which I had never known about or seen so that was interesting! It seems anime has progressed a lot since my time! The kids liked a few things so we got them souvenirs to remember this experience! Haytham bought a couple of erasers and a sketch pad – he’s 3 and can’t write so I’m not sure what he’s planning for it LOL

Cute Stuffies!

Omera wanted a cute pink Alpaca! Which I thought was a sheep at first, but it was large and fluffy and super adorable! It was also $50, but since she’s an overall very good kid, and super helpful in my daily routine with Haytham,  I felt she deserved it. So I got it for her. In exchange, her payment back would be a couple of extra chores, which she agreed to so it wasn’t a problem.

My pookie bears having fun!

Maid Cafe was a blast! We reserved Maid Charlene- my friend since High School to be our Maid. We got a giant cookie and giant piece of carrot cake and a drink. Areeb and I had coffee, while the kids only option was cream soda—yikes sugar load! The kids had a great time! And we got to play a game of Sushi Go! I had never played it before and lost spectacularily!


We had an overall great day! We ended it with a nice dinner in North Vancouver and a nice drive through Stanley Park 🙂

We look forward to what Anime Evolution has planned next year!

See you next time!

~ ~ Lazina ~ ~

Illumination Night Market!

Fun Family Time!

The summer time is when we get the most out of family time. The kids are out of school, and there’s plenty to do. Of course, planning and coordinating with kids is a bit hard even so. Because kids are out of school, but the parents still have to work. And it’s a bit of a juggle balancing both.

Although Areeb and I have pretty flexible hours and we don’t work most of the day, we do need to work. Areeb especially works on 2 different time zones, and with the kids summer sleeping habits, it’s not easy. Most nights, Haytham gets to sleep at 10pm and Omera at 11pm- which greatly cuts down the time to work. But this just means we get more time to spend with the kids.

There are some night though, we need  to do something that burns their energy, but also is quality time spent together. Not just us standing and watching them as they run around the playground.

What better solution than the Illumination Night Market in Richmond. There are 2 night markets in the summertime in Richmond BC. We call it the ‘Old Night Market’, since this one has been around since forever.

It’s fun, the kids get to walk around eat delicious treats, see cute toys and play around. There are the water balls like the New Night Market, but this one isn’t as busy. You can actually get to the food pretty easily, and you’re not fighting a sea of people. Which is nice because I don’t have to put Haytham on a baby leash (which he calls his jet pack LOL)

This was our first visit since the summer started to this night market. The kids were hoping that the bouncy castle would be there again this year, only to be disappointed. When we went on opening night, it seemed disorganized, and the bouncy castle was still in it’s deflated state. Many of the stalls weren’t open or closed too soon, and the performance didn’t start on time.

It was a bit of a let down, but that’s okay, we still had fun though!

The food was a great deal. Our favorite stall is the Uighur BBQ, it’s been there for years and it’s our favorite! We always order the chicken and lamb skewers! It’s a must if you go there! You can’t miss it, it’s the only one blowing smoke into people as they walk to get food.

This year we decided to try the Taiwanese ice cream. And wow let me tell you, you get a lot. It’s shaved ice on the bottom with strawberry syrup, then vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup and fresh cut strawberries on top. It’s a freaking bucket basically. Haytham got mango so his was mango syrup and mango slices and Omera got strawberry. Both were incredible and a lot to finish off for the 4 of us.

A bonus this year was the mascots! There was a random horse, a cute teddy bear- who were both the most hilarious mascots ever! Haytham went nuts! He basically thought they were giant living stuffies and attacked them both. They horse and teddy took it in good sport. Watch the video.

Oh and grover from sesame street showed up too! The kids really loved it and got to take pictures with him!

We played some games! Ate some food. Looked at some toys, walked around and had a great time! The kids were both tired and asleep by the time we got home. Which means, that the night was a success.

I want to end this blog post by thanking you very much for reading and also for watching our youtube videos!

See you next time!

~ ~ Lazina ~ ~


H.R. Macmillan Space Center!

At Omera’s Preschool graduation in 2016, there was a wonderful party at her school. There was food, balloons and a wonderful graduation ceremony! It’s definitely more for the parents than the kids, but they had fun too.

During Omera’s ceremony, the teachers went to all the students and asked them what they wanted to be when they grow up. Some kids said they wanted to be firemen, nurses, doctors, teachers and even princesses. Omera was the last one. When the teacher asked her, Omera proudly announced, that she wanted to save the planet. She wanted to be an Astronaut.

In Awe!

2 years later, she is still firm on that. She wants to be an astronaut. Sometimes she says she also wants to be a baker too, but never anything other than an Astronaut. This love for space came from a field trip that she attended during her Preschool year. They visited H.R Macmillan space center. It inspired her. Learning about the planets and how people have been into space; and how they live up there and work on the space station. Some spark just lit in her!

It turned into space everything. She even insisted watching space shows and programs and wanted to learn more about how the different planets looked.

So one day after a half day at school, we decided to surprise her by taking her back to H.R Macmillan Space Center. They had a different show playing at the dome projector and a new show about stars at the live show. She was so delighted but a bit nervous, since the weight of how much it would take to be an astronaut dawned on her.  She saw the space center with different eyes.

Rocket Engine!

We weren’t allowed to take video or pictures inside the projector dome- which sucks. Because it’s incredible! You get live views of the different planets as they look at that time, not to mention a live view of different parts of space and stars. The kids also gained so much knowledge of how many planets are outside of our solar system.

The only small clip I have of the dome projector! It’s incredible! You sit back and look up at a 360 degree view of the sky.

As adults, Areeb and I learned a ton too! For example, NASA has actually found many planets that are Earth like beyond our galaxy. And they have mapped literally hundreds of other galaxies outside of our own, and even know about this one portion of space that literally has nothing but black space. Which was intriguing!

We also learned a ton about Stars and how Astronomers know what stars are made up of simply by the colours they emit. It’s honestly the best live show. It was informative and unique. A live experience with fun demonstrations. The presenter was also super hilarious! If you get a chance to watch our youtube video, watch past the ending credits to watch bits of the show! It’s great! I would have loved to post the entire show, but it was really long,  plus I think this way it will motivate people to go to H.R Macmillan Space Center and catch the space world bug!

Funniest presenter! But very informative! Watch our youtube video of him after the ending credits.

It’s all very educational and fun.

The down side was that a lot of the little gadgets weren’t working. And it’s super dark throughout the space center- and I forgot to turn on my night settings on my camera >_< A lot of the footage is very dark and fuzzy because of it!

Not really working properly.

They also don’t have a cafeteria- which sucks! Because if you come during a school trip thinking you could buy lunch there you’re in trouble. You will have to leave the parking lot and drive to find something. They have some vending machines with chips and chocolate, but don’t use the hot chocolate/ coffee vending machine- it’s watered down and tasteless. A serious waste of money.

There was also no table area where we could sit down and eat. There was seating space downstairs where the vending machines are. We sat down and had our sandwiches there, but it wasn’t the most comfortable with the kids.

Having fun with their interactive simulators.

But the upside was everything else, including a giant telescope that they have right next  door to the space center that you can specially come and star gaze from! Make sure you check the weather, if it’s good, head down and get ready to see space and the constellations like you never have before!

Prepare well for the trip. It is pay parking. Also remember to pack a lunch or snacks. But be careful to not eat around any of the exhibits.

Future Astronaut!

All in all, the space centre is both educational and fun! If you have kids, or even as adults, go there.  Pack a nice lunch, go out to the front by the giant statue of a crab (not sure why but there is) and enjoy Earth 🙂

If you would like to visit H.R Macmillan, visit their site.
1100 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3J9

It’s a great spot for families, tourists looking to see something they won’t forget and for kids. It’s a must if you’re in Vancouver! Please check their hours, as they do have different prices for age groups and holiday hours.

See you next time!

~ ~ Lazina ~ ~


Literally Time to Eat!

What comes after Ramadan? Eid! For those who don’t know what Ramadan and Eid are. It’s a very spiritual time for Muslims across the globe. A billion Muslims every year participate in what is revered to be a time of peace, self reflection, religion, community and most importantly, charity (zakat as it is called).

During Ramadan, we fast for a month- so from sundown to sunset, we do not eat or drink.  We eat and drink at sunrise, and then break our fast at sunset. This year was particularly hard, since it was about 18 hours of no eating or drinking. It was difficult to say the least. But we hold steady in our conviction to pursue God and his favor by giving away what we would have eaten or drank. That plays into the charity. After the month of Ramadan is over, Muslims then celebrate in the largest food festival on Earth: Eid.

I’m going to eat this jelly, because I can.

Imagine 1 billion people coming together and just eating? Yeah, it’s a party alright! It is a celebration of completing starving and thirsting yourself into being a more pious and patient person.

Areeb sneaking some snacks

If you have never known what it feels like for a person in a 3rd world country to go hungry for a week without food and water- well Ramadan is that reminder, that you should be grateful, that you should give back and remember those who cannot eat or drink. To thank God almighty, for the favors he has given you. You’re life may not be perfect, but you were lucky enough to be born a person who is wealthy enough to be reading this on the Internet.

Eid is the time for families to visit, to come together and share food, and love. To bless each other and to pray for those who have completed Ramadan and for those who could not due to health conditions or other circumstances.

Sharing is Caring!

Since I am Fijian born Canadian, our family does Eid a little differently than what other Muslims from the Middle East would consider normal. It’s not a bad thing, it’s actually pretty cool- but tiring.

We go pray Eid prayer in the morning, come back home, deck out in our nicest outfits, prepare the gifts we will be presenting to family; and head on out! We go from family to family house, sometimes up to 20 houses when I was younger.  Sit and talk, and eat delicious food! You legit gain back whatever you lost during Ramadan (if you lost any weight).

Enjoying some Eid Candy

This time is a fun time for kids! They get what’s called “eidie”. Usually money or presents! They love it. Back in my day, I would cash in about $130. Not too shabby 🙂

Playing with Eid goodies.

This year though, we only did about 5 houses. The weather was simply too hot, and the kids were getting very sugared up and very tired. Haytham missed his nap and was over loaded on sugary snacks, but he did pretty well.

My aunts get together every year and do their Eid Open House together in one place. Which is extremely helpful. My kids remembered from the previous year that they have a kids station, with fun things to do and goodie bags! They could only focus on it! So it was our first house!

Auntys food spread was incredible! 🙂
The kids station!

For our Open Eid House, we did it at my wonderful mothers house again with my lovely sister in law. With the kids at home, I still somehow managed to make Korean style BBQ chicken with lettuce wraps. Strawberry rice krispies (I’m somewhat of a expert in making rice krispies) And coconut oil fried Chinese style chicken wings! My mom and my sister in law did the brunt of the cooking though.

Feeling hungry?
There’s more food.

They made beef curry, peas with potato curry, with puri (a deep fried small roti) Indian sweets like lado and barfee, to western classics like Lemon roll cake, macaroons made by “BakeTillYouBreak”, to berry cheesecakes made by my sister in law! Yeah, we went all out!

If you want to get cakes done, check out BakeTillYouBreak on instragram– this girl is only 14 years ago and crazy talented!

We did it outdoors again this year simply because it’s HOT OUTSIDE! We also decorated it festively!

Eid Mubarak- meaning Happy Eid!

Omera was patiently waiting for kids to come, but not many came.  Because this year our Open House was on July 1st- Canada’s 150th birthday….what were we thinking!? But still it was a fun night for the kids. They got to eat tons of junk food, and played the whole day outside. Omera even got a sleep over at her grandparents house.

By the end of the night, Haytham was so exhausted, he couldn’t last the 2 minutes it takes to drive from my mothers house to our home.

At the end of the night when I was reviewing all the footage, I regretted horribly for not changing the settings on my camera to do a better job of recording the night time sparklers fun! >_< Alas, there’s always next year right.

A box each of sparklers!
Haytham already used his sparklers with my mom helping him.

All in all, the food, the family, the sparklers and fun; it was a great night! Next year, I will plan better for sure!

Looking forward to Ramadan 2018 🙂

See you next time!

~ ~ Lazina ~ ~


School Field Trip!

If you ever think back to fond childhood memories, I’m sure one of those memories will take you back to a school field trip! Fun and educational, just a great ol’ time and a marker of school experience.

After reading, watch the video above or click here to watch on youtube. We are going to do a Part 2 of the video, so subscribe and click on the ‘grey bell’ to get notifications on the next video.

Getting back to the field trip!

Omera attended a fantastic Montessori based school, First Choice. This preschool, after-school care, plus KG program is the best decision I have ever made. The school is run by 3 fantastic ladies, Brenda (the founder) Bal and Natasha. These incredible ladies blend true Montessori style of learning and teaching as well as good old fundamentals like drilling and testing. It’s honestly the perfect blend and in just 2 1/2 hours each day, 5 days a week, First Choice took Omera from knowing her basics, to grade 1 level when she was just 4 years old.

One of the other things these ladies do, is invest in quality time. And one of the ways they do that is field trips. It was because of First Choice’s preschools field trip when Omera was 4 to the H.R Macmillian space center that Omera decided to became an astronaut. That stuck to this very day. She’ll say baker sometimes, but for the most part it’s always astronaut- although lately she’s been saying Astronaut baker LOL

This year, they went to the Horse ranch, A & T equestrian Ranch in Langley British Columbia. This place was the perfect place to experience barn yard life, and how to take care of Horses.

Looking pretty nervous!
Patiently waiting!

Areeb took Omera, and I stayed home with Haytham 🙁  We really did consider for all of us to go, but Haythams a little fuss ball sometimes. He wouldn’t be able to understand that he’s not allowed to go on the big horses like his sister, which would most likely result in an epic tantrum- which would probably never end T_T.

Omera had never rode a horse before, so she was pretty nervous. She thought they would be pony sized but it turned out that they were actually full size horses! She was nervous, but so was Areeb since he wasn’t really used to big horses either.

Excellent, well trained, professional staff for sure!
Its Omera’s turn!

Needless to say, both Omera and Areeb had some bonding time at this wonderfully kept Ranch. Unlike some barns I’ve experienced in the past, this place took good care of the animals, really made good bonds with them, and also kept the barnyard poop free for the most part. The space was huge, with little ponies, but the highlight was for sure the Horsies!

Feeding Time! Again, excellent staff!

If you ever go, be sure to wear comfortable clothes, boots and bring a helmet if you want to ride the horses! It’s a ranch with horses, so there’s going to be some poop.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that Omera’s horse actually stopped mid ride to do the biggest pee of it’s life! It shocked Areeb and all he could do was half laugh/half panic as this horse went potty. 🙂

Having a pretty good time!
Still a bit nervous >_<

Omera had a great time, despite being afraid at first. But she got over her fear and even fed one of the horses. She and Areeb enjoyed a small lunch I prepared for them, and got to speak to the other parents and kids. So over all, a very enjoyable day for both daddy and daughter.

It was a stellar choice on First Choices part to pick this ranch! A&T Equestrian has riding programs, birthday parties, and even camps! And like I said, it’s not a run down place, it’s actually really nicely kept and a huge ranch!

Walking a cute pony!

It was for sure a memorable field trip! And we have the pictures and video to enjoy for years to come! I’m sure she will look back fondly to this memory and would be glad that she got to experience new things! 🙂

Learning some grooming skills.
Close up!

Visit A&T Equestrian’s site for more info:

See you next time!

~ ~ Lazina ~ ~


Food, Games & Tons of Fun!

If you like to skip the reading, click here to watch our youtube video, or watch above.

One night we were heading home from dinner, and we saw that the parking lot of a Save On Foods was lit up! Lights from ferris wheels, food stalls and rides galore! The kids were excited and asked to go. Since it was a weekend, we thought, why not. It’s not everyday we drive by a mini amusement park!

With only $30 cash in our pockets, we hoped that we would have enough to buy tickets. And as it would happen, it was just enough!

It was pretty cold since this was still considered ‘winter’ season. Although this is British Columbia so one could argue that it’s all winter season- aside from ‘summer’.

Luckily for me, I always have extra hats and gloves in the trunk for emergency prep, so the kids could stay warm.

This was going to be just a quick trip, since this was way past 9pm, and getting colder by the minute.

Looks fun! Get on!

There were only about 4 rides that the kids could go on safely, but it was well worth it since it looked like so much fun. Heck I wondered if there was a chance I could squeeze myself into one of those cars.  There were adult rides, but something about going alone on a adult ride was kinda sad, or both of us going on and leaving the kids below to watch- also kinda sad and also very stupid. So we just made it a trip for the kids to enjoy, while we enjoyed their joy. 🙂

The car ride, was loud, full of lights – almost seizure inducing but not fully. It was bright, it was fun, it was everything toddlers love!

Look at that stubborn face. 🙂

Haytham, as you can see, loved it to his hearts content, but still put on a stubborn face.

She’s having a blast!

Omera on the other hand, everything she feels shows on her face- which is an easy way to tell that she’s enjoying herself!

The price isn’t cheap, it’s a mobile amusement park that sets up in different locations across North America. Everything from fun rides, to games to food. It’s free to enter, but if you want to enjoy the rides, you have to pay for tickets. Each ride costs a certain amount of tickets.

It’s about 4 tickets per ride for the kids in this particular Surrey Location.  It’s all cash based mainly, so come prepared or take out some cash at the closest ATM. It honestly is a bit pricey, but damn so much fun! >_<

Suppressing how much he loves this!
Unable to contain her happiness!

Since they were only here for that weekend, we were lucky that we by fluke drove by it.

The kids got to experience their first ‘carnival’. We weren’t there for a long time,  I think under an hour. But then again, unless you’re there to ride for hours, and eat fries and cotton candy until you’re sick, it’s a quick treat kind of thing.

Lucky guy!

What more can I say, it was great! And although Areeb got to tag along for the bear ride for free (which was super nice of the man to let him) I didn’t get a chance to do much other then freeze as I recorded some video. 🙂 I was already feeling nauseous from over eating. But still fun for me to watch!

All in all, if you see this amusement park near you, go! Enjoy a couple of rides, eat some fries and cotton candy, and live a little 🙂

Their favorite ride!

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See you next time!

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The Mirch Masala Experience.
If you want to skip the reading and watch the video, click here or watch above! 🙂 If you have any picky eaters, have them watch.  It’s a good opportunity to help learn by example. Also please, like, share our videos and subscribe! We always appreciate it!

Ever have a craving for something that you just can’t explain? Well on Fathers Day, Areeb was having an intense craving for Indian food. I often cook Indian dishes at home, but my versions are more Fijian style Indian dishes- so there is a lot of onions, turmeric and heat spices like masala but not intense spices like many Indian dishes have.

Deep gravies of roasted tomatoes and caramel onions, with star anise and black cardamom and cinnamon- delicious and spicy!

Since we have a handful of favorite restaurants, Areeb decided to stick to one of his normal favorites, Mirch Masala Restaurant, located in Surrey British Columbia- not to be confused with the one in Surrey UK 😛

Hungry For Indian Food!

We have been here many times, since it is a Muslim halal restaurant, therefore perfect for us. Aside from being Muslim, why chose Halal? Well I’ll explain that maybe in another post. But if you find a Halal restaurant anywhere, it pretty much means, you’re going to get flavor and value! So seek them Muslim restaurants out!

This particular Fathers day, we decided to go all out. We ordered our kids favorite the Butter Chicken and our favorite the Curry Lamb, but this time we decided to order their Tandoori Platter and make everything “MEDIUM” spice.  With small children, I have always made a habit of cooking and keeping things mild, because their little tummies can only take so much. But good exposure from my moms cooking has brought up their sensitivity and tolerance; and honestly, they like the spice because it does kick up the flavor profile of the food!

He really likes his butter chicken!

Areeb is a spicy kind of guy too! Me, being born Fijian and used to spice, have a larger threshold for spice, but Areeb can out spice me- which terrifies my Indianess >_<

The kids agreed, they will give it a try! So we did it! We ordered medium even for their beloved butter chicken.

We ordered for our meal:
-butter chicken
-lamb curry
-tandoori platter (or mixed platter)
-plain and garlic butter naans
-palou rice (rice stir fried in cumin seeds and peas)

Since butter chicken does have a sweetness to it from the whip cream they add, it wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be. But still it was at least 2 levels up from Mild. They were eating away, but drinking away at the same time. They loved it! That spiciness didn’t stop them. With every bite they would drink water, but they just wouldn’t admit defeat and stop. The flavor was just too good, the taste too delicious to let spice stop them.

Pushing on!
The life line of the table, water!

We tried to get them to try some tandoori chicken from the Tandoori Platter, but after one bite, I’m afraid they threw in the towel on it and continued with their butter chicken instead. LOL When I tried the tandoori chicken, it was considerably spicier.  But still so good we didn’t stop eating it.

Tandoori chicken off the sizzling plate.
Tried a bite of tandoori chicken.
Gave up! 🙂

Butter Chicken:
What can I say other than awesome! Creamy, with good chunks of chicken breast, sweet and spicy flavors. Its a must if you have kids! Great for adults too!

Butter chicken hungry.

Lamb Curry:
If you have never tried it before, do it! Do it now! Amazing gravy, lamb was so tender. With little bites of ginger and onions in that gravy, it  just makes those bites intense and bursting with flavor! GO NOW AND GET IT!

Tender lamb curry.

Tandoori Platter:
You get the whole tandoori taste from the tandoori menu. Chicken, lamb and prawns, all comes in a sizzler plate that’s just steaming. Comes on a fresh bed of veggies and a wedge of lemon to add that extra yum! Was so delicious!

Tandoori Platter on a sizzling hot plate! Careful!

Naan and Rice:
Perfection! We got both the plain naan and garlic butter to try, and yep, we made the right choice! It was that little extra delicious when you’re scooping up that lamb or chicken. The rice was fluffy, stir fried with butter, cumin and peas and again, it’s just that little extra flavor that completes the meal.

Soft naan

Everything was incredibly fresh and delicious! The dishes came with 2 chutneys, mint and sweet chili tamarind. It also came with a undressed salad with fresh lettuce, raw purple onions, cucumbers, radishes and cilantro. Trust me, it all works beautifully. But the salad was a tad bit exciting considering everything else was just  flavor!

OH and squeeze that lemon on that tandoori platter- it’s a must!

The Atmosphere:
Its as authentic as you can ask for in a western indian place. When we went, trendy Bollywood music was playing, which the kids loved. Areeb prefers more soft Indian music playing instead so it doesn’t intensify the slow pace that you want when savoring Indian food. It’s well lit, with their windows not blinded down, good lighting so you can see your food and the people you’re with. The  Indian details like a mural of the Taj Mahal, to the lantern lights, it all just adds to the experience. But is it the most authentic? Well since butter chicken isn’t actually a dish in India- you get my drift. But still it’s really good. Plus they have a fish tank! Fishies!!!


The Service:
Was good! Our waitress was fabulous! She was quick and came and topped up our water and checked up on us not too often but enough. She also brought extra plates and napkins without having to ask. She also gave the kids little lollipops for their good behavior. They aren’t always good at restaurants, but this was butter chicken man! LOL
The food came in about 15 mins, which isn’t too bad, because they do make things fresh so it’s expected. Also we wanted everything all at once. We ordered no appetizers, Areeb doesn’t see the value in those, he prefers just to eat salad before or add another dish.

We had leftovers obviously, because it was a lot of food we ordered. The only thing we polished away was the tandoori platter. But this way we had lunch packed for the next day- savvy! We ordered no deserts, simply because Areeb wanted a coffee and donut from Tim Hortons after. But try their chai milk tea and gulab jabmoon- perfect sweet ending after a spice induced food coma.

I should also add that it’s good to have Indian food every now and then. Even if you cook up something at home. The spices, turmeric, heavy amounts of ginger and garlic do your body good, and helps your immune system, don’t believe me, google it! Everything from gut health, to cleaning out your arteries, to cancer fighting- you will find in an Indian dish. So plan your next meal to be an Indian meal, and experience not only amazing flavors, but body good too. Just don’t over do it. Hahaha.

Taj Mahal in Surrey 😛
Heading out!

Please watch our youtube video to watch the kids reactions to the food, to how the food looks, to the restaurant itself! And as always, thanks for reading and watching 🙂

See you next time!

~~ Lazina ~ ~


Birthday Party Bliss!

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One of my best friends and lady crush,  Shivani had her daughters birthday party at Funtopia. We had never been there before, so we were really looking forward to it. We had actually overbooked our calendar that day. The birthday party was at 10 and we had a Easter train ride at Stanley Park at noon. Not smart, I know.

But we went for the little time that we had, and it was a great place! The space is actually made up of other things, like multiple sections of rock climbing, wall climbing, slides, and skyzone is there too, but this was a little kids birthday so we only did the indoor playground- but that alone was fantastic!

Ready, Get set, GO!
New favorite slide!

For one, it had a triple coloured slide! Which my kids love! And secondly, unlike so many other indoor playcenters, this one was NOT dimly lit.  My son is a bit more sensitive to dark places, and often Areeb has to tag along because it gets darker as they climb. But Funtopia was the first place that Haytham was fine to go alone with his sister. He wasn’t restricted by fear of the darkness, he just got to run around and have fun!

Being brave!

Plus the space is excellent and large, so the adults can sit back and watch from below.

Like I said, they have multiple wall climbs, including a dinosaur and giraffe, you can even jump off a tower- it looked absolutely fun!  They also have this incredible large slide that you go down after you rock climb up! How did I not know of this place!

Rainbow slide.

But my children are a bit smaller and this was a birthday party so we didn’t get a chance to do those fun things. But we plan on to come back and book ourselves in for those fun activities.  To secure your spot it’s recommended to book your time in the wall climbing, it’s fun for the whole family!

The benefits of activities like this, is the brain challenge! It makes a child think- ‘where to put my foot, how to pull myself up’. Also the teamwork aspect, it’s not just individual play.  So if you have a child that is homeschooled or needs some extra time to play with other kids, this is the activity for you.

One of the many climbing walls.

We didn’t get to sample the pizza that came with lunch, but I hear it was good. Also my friend Shivani was wonderfully organized with a nice spread of snacks and munchies so no one went home hungry!


The kids, well they had a blast! No understatement there.  But because the space is so large , if you’re not careful you could lose sight of a young one, so keep your kids in sight. Haytham went down a slide and panicked because he didn’t see his sister close by,  and didn’t see us at the back where we were seated, so he rushed to the front thinking we had left him. It was a bit sad that he got so scared. But Areeb was able to track him down.

Found him!

Things to know about Funtopia

Must Wear Socks
You would be surprised with how many people don’t know this, but you have to wear socks at all times while playing in the playground. They have signs up and socks that you can rent there, but to make things less complicated, just wear your own.

Summer and winter times change, holiday times can be affected to.


Sunday to Thursday : 10:00 AM – 7:00 P
Friday and Saturday: 10: 00 AM – 9:00 PM

Rates for Wall Climbing:
As said, they have amazing wall climbing and rides! The prices vary for times and ages, so click this link for more details.

Hours & Rates

Birthday/ Events:
Have a child that wants to have an amazing birthday somewhere. Funtopia it! The different walls to climb, the rides, the slides, it’s all stimulating and fun!

Birthday Parties

Corporate Events:
No problem, they got your covered! Funtopia isn’t limited to just kids! So get your adult butt there!

Corporate events

We had a fantastic time! We plan to book in some wall climbing time once our schedule free’s up because it’s a must!

Had an incredible time!

Click here to watch the video!

See you next time!

~~Lazina ~~


Street food, Entertainment and Family Fun!

What’s the one thing my daughter looks forward to the most aside from her birthday in the summer? The Richmond Night Market!

We here in Vancouver are blessed with 2 different night markets. We call them the ‘old night market’ and the ‘new night market’.

We have been to both- like a number of times each already! It’s summer time, and they won’t sleep easily at the appointed 8:30pm bedtime slot because the sun is ruining my life. Hahaha  I seriously have to buy some light block out curtains.

But since they refused to sleep until it’s dark, the weekend night market trips are great!

This trip in particular is the to the “New Night Market” –

It’s friday night and what do you do with 2 kids who see that the sun is still up blazing away at 8pm? You take them to the Night Market to play!

It’s huge! With vendors selling anything from cell phone cases, to small toys, to clothes, to make up! Like it’s really just a mish mash of all that is small business, at pretty good prices.

There’s amusement park style games, 2 rides (one age appropriate for my kids) and the other not so much but still fun! There’s usually live entertainment, right now they seem to be having a singing competition- similar to Americas Got Talent.

Expensive bouncy caste. $10- 10 minutes >_<
Water balls! $10-10 minutes.

And um, they have giant balls that you go into and walk on water! I call it the water balls and it’s got a height restriction for kids, but Omera was able to get on! Haytham wasn’t too pleased because he wanted to do it too, but unfortunately he’s not old enough.  And ohmygosh, so much fun!

Kiddie ride- $5 a child, must meet high restriction of 36 inches.

They got dinosaurs! No guys, I’m not kidding, legit there are dinosaurs moving and roaring about!


The best part: The food! The food stalls are packed! Like I mean jam packed! It’s  a sea of people, all tightly bunched together with no elbow space. I literally had to bulldoze people down with my twin stroller. There are line ups as long as 35 minutes for hot items like hurricane fries, to specialty drinks that will amaze you! Everything from dim sum to poutine- yeah they have it!

It’s more like street food from different parts of Asia, so you’re not really sitting down and eating. You don’t get large portions, but you get clean hand held smaller portions that you can walk and eat as you take in the sights, sounds and smell of the Night Market.

Carnival games!

Another huge line up, is the line  up to get in! It’s massive even at 7pm.  To get in sooner than 1 hour, purchase the zoompass for $25 and zoom right past that line up!

Prepare to wait!

You really can’t just go there for a look, you’ll be putting down about $40-$80 to actually participate in the entertainment that is the Night Market- that’s what we spend there on average. It’s a hot spot for couples, groups of young friends, to tourists, to families like us.  For all ages to enjoy!

I honestly had to put Haytham on a baby leash, because it was so packed that I didn’t want to lose my baby flash.  I have heard that small children sometimes do get lost there simply because the numbers swell up and it’s easy to turn around for 1 moment and the kids gone.

If you want to visit, here’s some info!

7pm- 12am Friday, Saturday
7pm-11pm Sunday

Children under 10- FREE
General – $3.75
Senior- FREE
The line ups are very very long. Even at 7pm.
Zoompass – $25 (for 7 visits) and is a much faster line.

Dino Park:
18 dinosaurs are in this Night Market, all growling and trying to eat you, so watch out! Kidding, but the experience and pictures are very life like and sure to please your kids!

Coupon Book:
Has about $250 in savings, so grab that if you’re planning to spend!

8351 River Road, Richmond.  If you plan to take the skytrain or bus, be sure to check that the route is going to this night market, or else you might confuse and head to the wrong one.

This weekend we plan to head there again!

See you next time!
~~Lazina ~~




Mind Blowing Fun!

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I wasn’t feeling too well.  This Vancouver weather is always so crazy, I never know if it’s going to be sunny or cold, or just rain while being sunny and cold. I don’t even think the weather people know, it changes so fast here.

Weekends are always our family time. We make the best of every minute on Saturdays and Sundays. But with me not feeling well, we couldn’t do the normal routine of heading to Richmond.

Both kids were getting restless at home. Even playing outside just couldn’t calm their excitement. After all weekends meant fun things to do.

But today Areeb would have to take the kids without me. He wasn’t too confident he could handle both kids alone with him all the way in Richmond. So he had to think of a plan B.

He decided on an fun looking indoor playcenter we had been to many times before. Out in Langley, about 15 minutes drive so it wasn’t going to be a long journey. But inside was amazing!

Themed like a mayan jungle with a giant red hot lava slide,  a tree house, multiple games to play and many fun slides! This would be it! His life saver!

Lava Slide!

He took the kids to Great Escapes! A must for energetic children who need a couple of hours to burn off that energy! While I rested at home with some warm soup, he took off with the kids all prepared!

This place is incredible! Its a bit darker in some areas, so if you have some kids who might be a bit sensitive tag along with them.

Very dim.
30 Feet drop!

The Space!
It’s huge! With a top portion with multiple slides, a tree house and ball shooting section. With a fun toddler space below, with fun interactive pretend play. Then there’s the ultimate game area! Be prepared to spend some money!

As I said, it does get dark in some spaces, and it’s not exactly easy for an adult to follow along,  but Areeb being 6 feet tall, was able to make it through. He enjoyed the fun slides himself, and got a bit nerved when looking down a section of the floor that lets you see all the way down!

Pretty steep and pretty dark.

The Address:
20645 Langley Bypass, Unit 105
Langley, BC  V3A 5E8

Admission & Hours:
They have summer and winter hours, so check out the link for details.

3D Mini Golf.
Yep they have it! Check it out!

Birthdays & Parties!
They have very detailed packages on their website, its about 8 kids per package, and each additional child is about $16 extra. And they have morning party packages that are cheaper.

The ball shooting area.

Adult and Kids Parties?
Yeah they got you covered! This isn’t just a childs play place!
They feature a 3 storey Mayan Adventure Playground including
two interactive floors, lava slide and a separate toddlers area.
Other activities include Laser Tag, Air Trek Obstacle Course and
3D Glow in The Dark Mini Golf

The kids went nuts! They spent over 2 hours there. They were so tired after all that running and playing, that they fell asleep in the car ride home!

Pretty cool games! Must purchase tokens.

It’s a must see if you have little balls of energy for children like I do.  🙂

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See you next time!
~~ Lazina ~~