Boat Trip During Low Tide

Centennial Beach Trip

What’s a great idea on a Saturday afternoon when you have nothing better to do with the kids on summer vacation? Well you go to a beach with a inflatable boat and have fun!

Yay! Boating!

Bored? Why not go Boating.

With the kids bored and the pollution finally dying down in BC (from the multiple forest fires), the kids were getting restless being stuck inside for so long. We didn’t know exactly how long this clean weather would last, so we decided better to make the best of it.

We bought a boat a while back from Walmart, and thought this would be a good day to try it out!

It should be like 2minutes with the compressor.

We had an automatic compressor ready, the life jackets, and swim gear all ready to go! Even snacks and water of course! Got into the car and headed to the beach, there was one thing we forgot to check. The tide.

Got to hand pump instead…going to be 20minutes instead

The first annoyance was the setting up of the boat. The boat didn’t have the attachment for the compressor, so Areeb had to manually use the pump to inflate the boat. Honestly, we should have made sure of that beforehand, but oh well, lessons learned.

The kids meanwhile were getting antsy waiting. It took about 20 minutes to inflate this boat.

Becoming a little nuts

On top of that Haytham, being the restless little boy monster he is, fell down and needed some extra love to calm down. Really, they were both super good kids for being so patient.

Fell down running around
patience paid off

We got the kids all ready with their life jackets. They were super excited about the beach and water! And when we got there….low tide…I mean LOW LOW LOOOW tide.

It was just barely ankle deep on us, and we walked out for about 20 minutes and still, just barely inches up from the ankle.  You could literally cross to the other side without the water ever touching your knees. The life jackets were useless and so was the boat. Regardless we aimed to make the best of it! So the kids went ahead and splashed about in the water.

Just barely knee deep for the kids

For those who don’t know centennial beach is known for it’s low tides and then high tides that creep up pretty fast. It was so low that it created these small islands that I was able to stand on and take some video.

No point Areeb wearing a life jacket. lol

I will admit…I’m not a water person. I like the beach, sand and air and atmosphere, but not the water. I literally hate seaweed physically and fish and other things swimming around my legs- just thinking about it makes me so uncomfortable. I also had a blister on the back of my ankle which stung so badly being in the water.

Even though I went into the water, I escaped out of there as fast as I could.

Chilling in the sea

The kids had a pretty good time though. Despite not being able to really enjoy the boat as we planned. They got to pick some shells, dig around, splash and even made friends with a little girl who wanted to be in the boat- it was super cute!

All done!

When the tide picked up, so did the cold air. We got the kids out, washed them down and got them changed. Of course they were hungry after the water play, so I had snacks ready for them for the drive back home. They were both really sleepy, and for the first time since summer started they went to bed at 8pm.

All in all, that alone makes this a successful trip!

Any family disasters at the beach? Please watch our video above and comment 🙂 Thanks again for reading and for watching!

See You Next Time!


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