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Anime Evolution Day!

This day needed 2 videos. The first video is of our time at Anime Evolution and the 2nd video is clips of the performances. Both videos give you an idea of how fun the event was! So please watch and like both! 🙂

If you have never heard of Anime- you have not been living right all this time.

New Anime I have never seen!
So cute! So fluffy!

I’m not a die hard fan of anime, but I do watch some anime’s and love the characters and stories! Of course everyone watched Sailormoon! You weren’t a 90’s kid if you didn’t! I remember rushing home after school in my elementary school days to watch the next episode of Sailormoon on YTV! Those were the carefree good old days.

Sailormoon power!!

I wanted Omera to watch some of the  anime I’ve watched when I was a kid. But when I think back to Sailormoon- it was pretty violent. Of course it had brave girls fighting evil – pre-dating the Wonder Woman movie. But there is a lot of violence, themes of scary things, and death…which I think my 6 year old shouldn’t be desensitized to this early.

So I thought back to the different animes out there and she started to watch Magical DoReMi and some CardCaptors- I had to kinda stop her from watching Card Captors because it does get pretty scary and the main character does have her nasty points!

But Magical DoReMi is awesome! Cute themes of friendship, doing your best, being honest and helping others- CHECK CHECK CHECK!

Cute stuff!
More Cute things!

So when  I told her about Anime Evolution that my good friend from High School told me about, I was sure Omera would love it! So we bought tickets!

Vector 7! Such lovely and kind ladies!

It was a bit smaller then the large scale Comicon or Anime conventions which was good because I needed this to be family friendly! We saw a life performance by 2 idol groups called Vector 7 and Vectorish!

The fans!
Dedicated fans!

And even had a date set with the Maid Cafe with our very own Maid Charlene!

Beautiful Maid Charlene!
Maid Charlene at your service!

We saw different stalls of the different anime, some of which I had never known about or seen so that was interesting! It seems anime has progressed a lot since my time! The kids liked a few things so we got them souvenirs to remember this experience! Haytham bought a couple of erasers and a sketch pad – he’s 3 and can’t write so I’m not sure what he’s planning for it LOL

Cute Stuffies!

Omera wanted a cute pink Alpaca! Which I thought was a sheep at first, but it was large and fluffy and super adorable! It was also $50, but since she’s an overall very good kid, and super helpful in my daily routine with Haytham,  I felt she deserved it. So I got it for her. In exchange, her payment back would be a couple of extra chores, which she agreed to so it wasn’t a problem.

My pookie bears having fun!

Maid Cafe was a blast! We reserved Maid Charlene- my friend since High School to be our Maid. We got a giant cookie and giant piece of carrot cake and a drink. Areeb and I had coffee, while the kids only option was cream soda—yikes sugar load! The kids had a great time! And we got to play a game of Sushi Go! I had never played it before and lost spectacularily!


We had an overall great day! We ended it with a nice dinner in North Vancouver and a nice drive through Stanley Park 🙂

We look forward to what Anime Evolution has planned next year!

See you next time!

~ ~ Lazina ~ ~

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