Floating Trampoline!

Indoor Play Center!

We had to make 3 separate videos because there was so much to cover!

If you’re a parent to small children, chances are, you’ve been inside a play center. A giant indoor playground, so your little one’s can run around, climb and burn energy.

It’s huge

Some parents tag along with smaller children to help them navigate through the maze that is the play center. And some parents use this chance to rest and be still without doing anything- a moment of peace if you will.

Giant Warehouse building

We have been to many indoor play centers! But we prefer going outside in an actual Playground. But if you live in British Columbia, you never know what to expect from the weather.

Getting her trampoline socks

This summer there were a slew of bad forest fires across Canada and the US, making the air outside the worst it has ever been in 40 years!  The pollution level was equal to Beijing’s unbreathable air- it was just that bad.

Dog catching balls arcade game.

With the windows closed for over a week, and no sign of rain to help the situation, we decided one weekend to get out and drive to a Play center.

We have 2 near our house, but we felt we needed to try something new.

Enter Jungle Jac’s! About 25 min ride over to Port Coquitlam over the menacing toll bridge that my husband hates (out of principle). We were looking forward to it since it had good reviews and a large floating trampoline! Yeah that sounds like amazing fun!

Trampoline fun!
Not loving it.
The view from the trampoline!

The kids were not sure what to expect with a name like Jungle Jac’s (and I’m not spelling this wrong, Jac without a k).

Needless to say, you can see from the video, they had a blast!

But first, let me tell you something that kinda bothered me… It cost $60 to be there for 2 hours…yes $60 for 2 children to play and eat there- we brought our own filtered water from home because I don’t agree with bottled water. If I hadn’t, that total would have been $65.

Omera feeling nervous about going alone with Haytham.

So lets see why it cost this much shall we.

Unique fun!
First and foremost is that giant floating trampoline. I’m not kidding, you can see down through it to the floor below. Omera loved it (she’s a thrill seeker) Haytham didn’t. She saw that you can see down below but she jumped right in for the fun! You can clearly watch your kids from down below and honestly, it looks scary to me as an adult! But such fun! You have to purchase these trampoline socks at $5 each child or $2 if you get the bouncy castle package. We got the whole shebang! The Trampoline is suspended on the 2nd floor with NO netting below, so it’s literally floating in air. And you can see through the trampoline mesh to down below adding to the affect. It’s legit awesome!

Climbing up!

The bouncy castles are outside on fake grass, so no need to put on your shoes! The fox bouncy castle was one of the most unique castles I’ve seen! Areeb kept calling it a kitty or cat in the video, but no it’s a fox LOL

Fox King Castle!

There’s a Halloween or spooky theme laser tag area! It wasn’t closed for the time being, but kids were allowed to go in and run around there anyways. It’s like a maze in that section, but still a lot of dark fun! There’s even a small section where it’s just a glass floor, adding to the excitement. Haytham was scared mostly but still wanted to do this. He’s a strange boy.  Omera on the other hand is a trooper!

Kangaroo ride!

The play center area is a maze itself.  It’s actually unique because unlike a lot of other play centers, even adults can lose sense of where is what and how to get out. Areeb at some point couldn’t figure out how to get to a particular slide ( I should add that Omera had the right direction though haha)

The Wave Slide

They have  a wave slide, which is pretty cool affect when sliding down or watching others slide down.

A ball pit area where you can shoot balls between 2 forts- pretty fun if you play in teams.

Ugh how much money will this machine take from me!? lol

The arcade is $10 for 10 tokens which gets you about 5 games depending on what you play. It’s pretty flashy there and the kids both played a game that had them hitting a hammer to launch balls into a dogs mouth. It looked pretty cool. And you can exchange your tickets in for a prizes afterwards. Mind you the prizes for small amounts of tickets is not exactly great.

The Food:

Small portions…$5 for a small size frozen pizza isn’t exactly bad but not exactly good. We just got a small pizza and fries combo as a snack since the kids were getting hungry.

$10 for all this….

They do have  a wide range of goodies though, but if you have a family of 4 and have to get lunch there- be prepared to drop down $20 or more for food and water. You’re gonna work up an appetite! And don’t think you can leave the facility and have lunch outside and then come back- that’s not allowed. But that’s standard for most places anyways. For a quick lunch it wasn’t too bad.

Laser Tag,  Bumper Cars & Toddler Area

Toddler area is good size, and great for younger children. They even have a section with big building pieces made of soft material which is great because they can get tired having to lift and make things.

Tada! It’s Haytham!

I couldn’t get proper pictures of this since it’s so dark, but the Laser Tag area is great even if you’re not playing. It’s dark, spooky and a fun maze walk through! Watch the videos to see the kids chase down Areeb!

The kids were hesitant to go in there without Areeb. You can hear Haytham in the video fussing about leaving the Trampoline to go the spooky area. He loves spooky things but can’t do it alone. It’s actually pretty funny.

We didn’t do the bumper cars, simply because both Omera and Haytham were too small to do it.  Which sucks because they love those kinds of rides. But alas safety first. If you get a chance to do it, it looks fun, but seems like a lot of car squished in there.

Over all, it’s a great unique experience! I would go again if we were bored of other play centers.

Omera’s favorite part: The Trampoline

They have birthday packages, but be warned, the birthday package only gives you 1 hour….which isn’t the standard 2 hours you get at most places and at that price point, it doesn’t seem worth it for my young children.

Would I go back again, yes! I would, but only once in a few months. I don’t feel like spending $60 all of the time. Mind you once you purchase the socks, you don’t have to repurchase them again, just make sure you bring them.

The only rainbow right now.

Would I recommend it, absolutely!  If you are looking for a fun place to take you’re kids- go to Jungle Jac’s!

I like how they have a secured entrance and exist- so random people can’t just take off with your kids. I really really like this. They cut off your bracelets at the end when you’re leaving, and double check to make sure that the adult belongs to that child- I cannot express how important that is to me.

The bathrooms are a bit tricky, but clean. I would still recommend taking your own 70% rubbing alcohol (but I recommend that for anything). TAKE YOUR CHILDREN TO THE WASHROOM if they are under 8 at ANY PLAY CENTER.

It does have a lot of blind spots, so for younger children, you do have to keep a better eye out for them, simply because the place is so large and tight.

Over all and this is like a first for me, 5/5. Yeah the cost is a bit annoying, but for what you get, it’s actually really good. Especially if you want to be there for like 3 or 4 hours. It’s great. Something for everybody!

Omera’s verdict:
Loved the Trampoline and Spooky laser tag. Doesn’t like so many kids in the play center maze, really loud.

Haytham’s verdict: Likes the bouncy castle and the arcade. Doesn’t like the trampoline.

Check out their website for details:


See You Next Time!

~ ~ Lazina ~ ~


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