Birthday Party Bliss!

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One of my best friends and lady crush,  Shivani had her daughters birthday party at Funtopia. We had never been there before, so we were really looking forward to it. We had actually overbooked our calendar that day. The birthday party was at 10 and we had a Easter train ride at Stanley Park at noon. Not smart, I know.

But we went for the little time that we had, and it was a great place! The space is actually made up of other things, like multiple sections of rock climbing, wall climbing, slides, and skyzone is there too, but this was a little kids birthday so we only did the indoor playground- but that alone was fantastic!

Ready, Get set, GO!
New favorite slide!

For one, it had a triple coloured slide! Which my kids love! And secondly, unlike so many other indoor playcenters, this one was NOT dimly lit.  My son is a bit more sensitive to dark places, and often Areeb has to tag along because it gets darker as they climb. But Funtopia was the first place that Haytham was fine to go alone with his sister. He wasn’t restricted by fear of the darkness, he just got to run around and have fun!

Being brave!

Plus the space is excellent and large, so the adults can sit back and watch from below.

Like I said, they have multiple wall climbs, including a dinosaur and giraffe, you can even jump off a tower- it looked absolutely fun!  They also have this incredible large slide that you go down after you rock climb up! How did I not know of this place!

Rainbow slide.

But my children are a bit smaller and this was a birthday party so we didn’t get a chance to do those fun things. But we plan on to come back and book ourselves in for those fun activities.  To secure your spot it’s recommended to book your time in the wall climbing, it’s fun for the whole family!

The benefits of activities like this, is the brain challenge! It makes a child think- ‘where to put my foot, how to pull myself up’. Also the teamwork aspect, it’s not just individual play.  So if you have a child that is homeschooled or needs some extra time to play with other kids, this is the activity for you.

One of the many climbing walls.

We didn’t get to sample the pizza that came with lunch, but I hear it was good. Also my friend Shivani was wonderfully organized with a nice spread of snacks and munchies so no one went home hungry!


The kids, well they had a blast! No understatement there.  But because the space is so large , if you’re not careful you could lose sight of a young one, so keep your kids in sight. Haytham went down a slide and panicked because he didn’t see his sister close by,  and didn’t see us at the back where we were seated, so he rushed to the front thinking we had left him. It was a bit sad that he got so scared. But Areeb was able to track him down.

Found him!

Things to know about Funtopia

Must Wear Socks
You would be surprised with how many people don’t know this, but you have to wear socks at all times while playing in the playground. They have signs up and socks that you can rent there, but to make things less complicated, just wear your own.

Summer and winter times change, holiday times can be affected to.


Sunday to Thursday : 10:00 AM – 7:00 P
Friday and Saturday: 10: 00 AM – 9:00 PM

Rates for Wall Climbing:
As said, they have amazing wall climbing and rides! The prices vary for times and ages, so click this link for more details.

Hours & Rates

Birthday/ Events:
Have a child that wants to have an amazing birthday somewhere. Funtopia it! The different walls to climb, the rides, the slides, it’s all stimulating and fun!

Birthday Parties

Corporate Events:
No problem, they got your covered! Funtopia isn’t limited to just kids! So get your adult butt there!

Corporate events

We had a fantastic time! We plan to book in some wall climbing time once our schedule free’s up because it’s a must!

Had an incredible time!

Click here to watch the video!

See you next time!

~~Lazina ~~

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