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I wasn’t feeling too well.  This Vancouver weather is always so crazy, I never know if it’s going to be sunny or cold, or just rain while being sunny and cold. I don’t even think the weather people know, it changes so fast here.

Weekends are always our family time. We make the best of every minute on Saturdays and Sundays. But with me not feeling well, we couldn’t do the normal routine of heading to Richmond.

Both kids were getting restless at home. Even playing outside just couldn’t calm their excitement. After all weekends meant fun things to do.

But today Areeb would have to take the kids without me. He wasn’t too confident he could handle both kids alone with him all the way in Richmond. So he had to think of a plan B.

He decided on an fun looking indoor playcenter we had been to many times before. Out in Langley, about 15 minutes drive so it wasn’t going to be a long journey. But inside was amazing!

Themed like a mayan jungle with a giant red hot lava slide,  a tree house, multiple games to play and many fun slides! This would be it! His life saver!

Lava Slide!

He took the kids to Great Escapes! A must for energetic children who need a couple of hours to burn off that energy! While I rested at home with some warm soup, he took off with the kids all prepared!

This place is incredible! Its a bit darker in some areas, so if you have some kids who might be a bit sensitive tag along with them.

Very dim.
30 Feet drop!

The Space!
It’s huge! With a top portion with multiple slides, a tree house and ball shooting section. With a fun toddler space below, with fun interactive pretend play. Then there’s the ultimate game area! Be prepared to spend some money!

As I said, it does get dark in some spaces, and it’s not exactly easy for an adult to follow along,  but Areeb being 6 feet tall, was able to make it through. He enjoyed the fun slides himself, and got a bit nerved when looking down a section of the floor that lets you see all the way down!

Pretty steep and pretty dark.

The Address:
20645 Langley Bypass, Unit 105
Langley, BC  V3A 5E8

Admission & Hours:
They have summer and winter hours, so check out the link for details.

3D Mini Golf.
Yep they have it! Check it out!

Birthdays & Parties!
They have very detailed packages on their website, its about 8 kids per package, and each additional child is about $16 extra. And they have morning party packages that are cheaper.

The ball shooting area.

Adult and Kids Parties?
Yeah they got you covered! This isn’t just a childs play place!
They feature a 3 storey Mayan Adventure Playground including
two interactive floors, lava slide and a separate toddlers area.
Other activities include Laser Tag, Air Trek Obstacle Course and
3D Glow in The Dark Mini Golf

The kids went nuts! They spent over 2 hours there. They were so tired after all that running and playing, that they fell asleep in the car ride home!

Pretty cool games! Must purchase tokens.

It’s a must see if you have little balls of energy for children like I do.  🙂

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See you next time!
~~ Lazina ~~

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