School Field Trip!

If you ever think back to fond childhood memories, I’m sure one of those memories will take you back to a school field trip! Fun and educational, just a great ol’ time and a marker of school experience.

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Getting back to the field trip!

Omera attended a fantastic Montessori based school, First Choice. This preschool, after-school care, plus KG program is the best decision I have ever made. The school is run by 3 fantastic ladies, Brenda (the founder) Bal and Natasha. These incredible ladies blend true Montessori style of learning and teaching as well as good old fundamentals like drilling and testing. It’s honestly the perfect blend and in just 2 1/2 hours each day, 5 days a week, First Choice took Omera from knowing her basics, to grade 1 level when she was just 4 years old.

One of the other things these ladies do, is invest in quality time. And one of the ways they do that is field trips. It was because of First Choice’s preschools field trip when Omera was 4 to the H.R Macmillian space center that Omera decided to became an astronaut. That stuck to this very day. She’ll say baker sometimes, but for the most part it’s always astronaut- although lately she’s been saying Astronaut baker LOL

This year, they went to the Horse ranch, A & T equestrian Ranch in Langley British Columbia. This place was the perfect place to experience barn yard life, and how to take care of Horses.

Looking pretty nervous!
Patiently waiting!

Areeb took Omera, and I stayed home with Haytham 🙁  We really did consider for all of us to go, but Haythams a little fuss ball sometimes. He wouldn’t be able to understand that he’s not allowed to go on the big horses like his sister, which would most likely result in an epic tantrum- which would probably never end T_T.

Omera had never rode a horse before, so she was pretty nervous. She thought they would be pony sized but it turned out that they were actually full size horses! She was nervous, but so was Areeb since he wasn’t really used to big horses either.

Excellent, well trained, professional staff for sure!
Its Omera’s turn!

Needless to say, both Omera and Areeb had some bonding time at this wonderfully kept Ranch. Unlike some barns I’ve experienced in the past, this place took good care of the animals, really made good bonds with them, and also kept the barnyard poop free for the most part. The space was huge, with little ponies, but the highlight was for sure the Horsies!

Feeding Time! Again, excellent staff!

If you ever go, be sure to wear comfortable clothes, boots and bring a helmet if you want to ride the horses! It’s a ranch with horses, so there’s going to be some poop.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that Omera’s horse actually stopped mid ride to do the biggest pee of it’s life! It shocked Areeb and all he could do was half laugh/half panic as this horse went potty. 🙂

Having a pretty good time!
Still a bit nervous >_<

Omera had a great time, despite being afraid at first. But she got over her fear and even fed one of the horses. She and Areeb enjoyed a small lunch I prepared for them, and got to speak to the other parents and kids. So over all, a very enjoyable day for both daddy and daughter.

It was a stellar choice on First Choices part to pick this ranch! A&T Equestrian has riding programs, birthday parties, and even camps! And like I said, it’s not a run down place, it’s actually really nicely kept and a huge ranch!

Walking a cute pony!

It was for sure a memorable field trip! And we have the pictures and video to enjoy for years to come! I’m sure she will look back fondly to this memory and would be glad that she got to experience new things! 🙂

Learning some grooming skills.
Close up!

Visit A&T Equestrian’s site for more info:

See you next time!

~ ~ Lazina ~ ~

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