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One night we were heading home from dinner, and we saw that the parking lot of a Save On Foods was lit up! Lights from ferris wheels, food stalls and rides galore! The kids were excited and asked to go. Since it was a weekend, we thought, why not. It’s not everyday we drive by a mini amusement park!

With only $30 cash in our pockets, we hoped that we would have enough to buy tickets. And as it would happen, it was just enough!

It was pretty cold since this was still considered ‘winter’ season. Although this is British Columbia so one could argue that it’s all winter season- aside from ‘summer’.

Luckily for me, I always have extra hats and gloves in the trunk for emergency prep, so the kids could stay warm.

This was going to be just a quick trip, since this was way past 9pm, and getting colder by the minute.

Looks fun! Get on!

There were only about 4 rides that the kids could go on safely, but it was well worth it since it looked like so much fun. Heck I wondered if there was a chance I could squeeze myself into one of those cars.  There were adult rides, but something about going alone on a adult ride was kinda sad, or both of us going on and leaving the kids below to watch- also kinda sad and also very stupid. So we just made it a trip for the kids to enjoy, while we enjoyed their joy. 🙂

The car ride, was loud, full of lights – almost seizure inducing but not fully. It was bright, it was fun, it was everything toddlers love!

Look at that stubborn face. 🙂

Haytham, as you can see, loved it to his hearts content, but still put on a stubborn face.

She’s having a blast!

Omera on the other hand, everything she feels shows on her face- which is an easy way to tell that she’s enjoying herself!

The price isn’t cheap, it’s a mobile amusement park that sets up in different locations across North America. Everything from fun rides, to games to food. It’s free to enter, but if you want to enjoy the rides, you have to pay for tickets. Each ride costs a certain amount of tickets.

It’s about 4 tickets per ride for the kids in this particular Surrey Location.  It’s all cash based mainly, so come prepared or take out some cash at the closest ATM. It honestly is a bit pricey, but damn so much fun! >_<

Suppressing how much he loves this!
Unable to contain her happiness!

Since they were only here for that weekend, we were lucky that we by fluke drove by it.

The kids got to experience their first ‘carnival’. We weren’t there for a long time,  I think under an hour. But then again, unless you’re there to ride for hours, and eat fries and cotton candy until you’re sick, it’s a quick treat kind of thing.

Lucky guy!

What more can I say, it was great! And although Areeb got to tag along for the bear ride for free (which was super nice of the man to let him) I didn’t get a chance to do much other then freeze as I recorded some video. 🙂 I was already feeling nauseous from over eating. But still fun for me to watch!

All in all, if you see this amusement park near you, go! Enjoy a couple of rides, eat some fries and cotton candy, and live a little 🙂

Their favorite ride!

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See you next time!

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