Omera’s First China Trip

The Model Baby

First of all, I’m sorry the quality of the video and pictures is so bad. We didn’t have anything else but our cell phones. Of all the things we packed, we forgot the camera…sigh…

In 2013, we needed to make a  business trip to China. It was a little bit of a predicament. Both Areeb and I needed to be present in China at the same time, but we had baby Omera with us- who was just under 2 years old at that time.

My Pookie Bear!

I wouldn’t ever hire someone to watch my kids while I wasn’t present, much less in a different country, no matter how familiar I was with that country and no matter how well I knew the people. The only people I trusted with my child in China were my parents. So we decided to take my parents with us to China for 2 weeks.

Hong Kong Airport

It was a bit difficult for my dad since he could only stay with us for 4 days, but my mother could stay for the full 14 days to help watch Omera so we could get our business stuff done.

It was a hectic trip, full of short notices.

It was going to be my parents first trip there, even though Areeb and I had been regularly going to China since 2007. Areeb doesn’t have any known relatives in China so it wasn’t like we were visiting his family, but even if there was, I would still take my parents. Omera is familiar with them and would be an easier transition for her.

We prepared and packed and headed to China. When we got there, there were some things I knew to expect. Looks was one of them. We are a mixed couple, Areeb being Canadian born Chinese (well only 75% Chinese) and me being Fijian born Indian. I sort of knew already, based on our previous trips that we were going to get looks, and I might be approached for pictures, as I had been in the past. But what happened, surprised even me.

Group of people staring at Omera.

Omera became a little star. People randomly surrounded her and would take her picture, and come up to see the “Chinese baby with the huge eyes”…needless to say, I sometimes laughed, sometimes got scared.

Shop owner came from a different shop to see Omera.

It was all pretty lighthearted. I found out that Omera had made it on to Chinese social media- weibo…a video and picture of her was floating around while we were shopping at Dongmen market. Which was both a little funny and a little nerving. I haven’t been able to find that picture and video again- I wish I had saved it at the time.

Ready to order her food lol

Omera adapted really well surprisingly. That first night, I was a bit worried since we didn’t have our normal cow’s milk, and instead I had powdered milk that I got especially for her. China has had in the past some problems with milk, and I generally was very careful with the food we ate and where we would eat.

On alert: Night One in China.

And then there was the fact that we were going to be in a hotel- very different from her ‘home’. I brought along her favorite pillow (yes I took a pillow across the world with me in luggage). And some of her toys and of course the soother.

The first day, she wasn’t too happy. She started to cry and saying ‘go home’…and I was like uh oh….She loved the plane ride there so I honestly thought she would be okay. She slept on me the entire plane ride and wouldn’t even let me go to the potty. She enjoyed the rough turbulence – some of the worst we ever experienced landing into Hong Kong.

The pillow I took with me to china for her and her Teddy.

We whipped out our cell phones and lured her with sliding and kids swimming youtube videos- it was the topper! She was lured in! She settled in with her soother, watched videos for about 30 mins and fell asleep calmly accepting that she was going to sleep here now.

After that we had no problems with her! She adjusted so well! She explored the city of Shenzhen and Hong Kong with us. She tried different foods and got to walk around and be a little star of China for a little while.

Napping after a long day of stardom.

14 days went by really fast! We were so busy that we just didn’t have time to take photo’s or really enjoy our time even though I wanted to show my parents around more. I intend to take them again someday. But my dad’s afraid of the shopping there LOL My mom loves to shop- I mean don’t we all.

Now Omera has a little brother who’s with her to take care of for our trips to China, and she is a really amazing big sister so I’m sure she’ll help me out again if Haytham’s being tricky!

See You Next Time!
~~Lazina ~ ~

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