H.R. Macmillan Space Center!

At Omera’s Preschool graduation in 2016, there was a wonderful party at her school. There was food, balloons and a wonderful graduation ceremony! It’s definitely more for the parents than the kids, but they had fun too.

During Omera’s ceremony, the teachers went to all the students and asked them what they wanted to be when they grow up. Some kids said they wanted to be firemen, nurses, doctors, teachers and even princesses. Omera was the last one. When the teacher asked her, Omera proudly announced, that she wanted to save the planet. She wanted to be an Astronaut.

In Awe!

2 years later, she is still firm on that. She wants to be an astronaut. Sometimes she says she also wants to be a baker too, but never anything other than an Astronaut. This love for space came from a field trip that she attended during her Preschool year. They visited H.R Macmillan space center. It inspired her. Learning about the planets and how people have been into space; and how they live up there and work on the space station. Some spark just lit in her!

It turned into space everything. She even insisted watching space shows and programs and wanted to learn more about how the different planets looked.

So one day after a half day at school, we decided to surprise her by taking her back to H.R Macmillan Space Center. They had a different show playing at the dome projector and a new show about stars at the live show. She was so delighted but a bit nervous, since the weight of how much it would take to be an astronaut dawned on her.  She saw the space center with different eyes.

Rocket Engine!

We weren’t allowed to take video or pictures inside the projector dome- which sucks. Because it’s incredible! You get live views of the different planets as they look at that time, not to mention a live view of different parts of space and stars. The kids also gained so much knowledge of how many planets are outside of our solar system.

The only small clip I have of the dome projector! It’s incredible! You sit back and look up at a 360 degree view of the sky.

As adults, Areeb and I learned a ton too! For example, NASA has actually found many planets that are Earth like beyond our galaxy. And they have mapped literally hundreds of other galaxies outside of our own, and even know about this one portion of space that literally has nothing but black space. Which was intriguing!

We also learned a ton about Stars and how Astronomers know what stars are made up of simply by the colours they emit. It’s honestly the best live show. It was informative and unique. A live experience with fun demonstrations. The presenter was also super hilarious! If you get a chance to watch our youtube video, watch past the ending credits to watch bits of the show! It’s great! I would have loved to post the entire show, but it was really long,  plus I think this way it will motivate people to go to H.R Macmillan Space Center and catch the space world bug!

Funniest presenter! But very informative! Watch our youtube video of him after the ending credits.

It’s all very educational and fun.

The down side was that a lot of the little gadgets weren’t working. And it’s super dark throughout the space center- and I forgot to turn on my night settings on my camera >_< A lot of the footage is very dark and fuzzy because of it!

Not really working properly.

They also don’t have a cafeteria- which sucks! Because if you come during a school trip thinking you could buy lunch there you’re in trouble. You will have to leave the parking lot and drive to find something. They have some vending machines with chips and chocolate, but don’t use the hot chocolate/ coffee vending machine- it’s watered down and tasteless. A serious waste of money.

There was also no table area where we could sit down and eat. There was seating space downstairs where the vending machines are. We sat down and had our sandwiches there, but it wasn’t the most comfortable with the kids.

Having fun with their interactive simulators.

But the upside was everything else, including a giant telescope that they have right next  door to the space center that you can specially come and star gaze from! Make sure you check the weather, if it’s good, head down and get ready to see space and the constellations like you never have before!

Prepare well for the trip. It is pay parking. Also remember to pack a lunch or snacks. But be careful to not eat around any of the exhibits.

Future Astronaut!

All in all, the space centre is both educational and fun! If you have kids, or even as adults, go there.  Pack a nice lunch, go out to the front by the giant statue of a crab (not sure why but there is) and enjoy Earth 🙂

If you would like to visit H.R Macmillan, visit their site.
1100 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3J9

It’s a great spot for families, tourists looking to see something they won’t forget and for kids. It’s a must if you’re in Vancouver! Please check their hours, as they do have different prices for age groups and holiday hours.

See you next time!

~ ~ Lazina ~ ~

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