That Scary Store

The Halloween Store!

Ever know you’re making a stupid decision but you do it anyways because why not? It’ll make a good video is what I said when I said yes to the children going into the Halloween Store. I did this because they really like Halloween and I’m not good with scary things. But how scary could a spooky store be? I mean it’s just all costumes, it’s not like a REAL haunted house.

WRONG. They had costumes and the whole scary bit, but then they had an entire set up of the spooky nightmares I wanted to avoid.

Dear God what have I done?

Gore, and some more gore and some zombies and blood and OH zombie blood thirsty babies- yeeeeaahhhh why did I say yes to this.

Yay ghost busters!
The ghost busting car!

The kids seemed fine, and I honestly just wanted to get out of there. I mean, come on? DO YOU SEE THIS????

My nightmares!

I honestly worried that they would have nightmares, especially Haytham since he’s only 3. I felt that this was over the top, and I’m not very comfortable exposing them to this kind of thing. But it was a good opportunity to talk about real and fake. It was also opportunity to talk about ‘fear’ and how to overcome it by rationally thinking it through’ “Why am I afraid?”

Not afraid even a little -_-

Even though I’m the biggest scaredy cat ever! T_T

Haytham excited!

The highlight was meeting the Ghost Busters of British Columbia outside the store.  But for the store itself: I regret everything comes to mind.

I want out of this place!

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