Trying Japanese Food!

The All You Can Eat Experience

We have a weird family tradition. Every Saturday, we drive to Richmond, where Omera has her Chinese Lessons, and than we head to a popular Sushi restaurant for lunch. It’s the same restaurant my husband took me to for every single birthday while we were married, up until we had our first child. I guess this could explain why I packed on the weight. T_T Yikes.

We haven’t been going to Sushi like we used to after Haytham was born. Time constraints, scheduling and how busy the restaurant got were factors in why we instead had lunch at the Mall or packed lunches- it was just easier in so many ways.

Birthday Girl!

But after 3 years of not really going there much, Omera wanted for her birthday, sushi. We had already had her birthday dinner, with cake, and a pretty busy day at the play center. I was pretty surprised. She said she wanted to eat her favorite, deep fried scallops and seafood fried rice. Not many kids in the West eat things like scallops and seafood in general, but my kids got the taste for it. I guess from their Asian roots. Which is great because it’s important they like things outside of meat and veggies.

Waiting For Our Food!

So we decided to go. It was 9pm at night, luckily it was a Saturday night. She was pretty excited about it. But I worried, it had been a long time since we went, what if her taste had changed.

Seemed I was worried about nothing, since she remembered the staff really well and the staff remembered them really well- including the owner Ray who seems to adore them! They are always getting little perks like ice cream and candies- which would be another reason why we didn’t go too often.

Remembers the nice uncle who gives them treats!

We let the kids bring their tablets just this once since it was a special day, Omera’s birthday! It wasn’t by choice honestly, I was just exhausted from all the things we did that day- ugh I’m getting old.

Tablets on the dinner table- ugh parenting fails.

But the first round was miso soup! So for those who don’t know, there’s seaweed in it often. And Omera decided on her own to just try it. We have always made a habit for the kids to at least try 1 bite. And I guess it’s become a habit for her now. So she tried it and ate it LOL I can’t even eat seaweed. Not surprising that she didn’t like it.


They chowed down on deep fried scallops, Vegetable tempura, Yam tempura, seafood fried rice, stir fried vegetables, veggie yaki soba, rolls of different types and of course the raw stuff.

The kids and I don’t eat the raw stuff, my husband is the King of Sushi. Seriously, I plan to post up his own video of him eating 22 pieces of Salmon and 6 pieces of tuna sushi; and than plowing down other things that were on the table….the staff would worry if he’s going to pass out from the over load.

Round 1 for Husband’s sushi fix.
The kids favorite!

Meanwhile, I stick to the rolls (not too many since there is so much sugar in that rice) to yam tempura and salmon terriyaki, the soups and the vegetables and yakisoba are my usual go to’s. Since we are Muslim, and this restaurant isn’t Halal, we still to the seafood. We started going to this restaurant because it was the rare Sushi All You Can Eat that didn’t have sake in everything, but they did put sugar in so you got to watch out for that.

My lonely 2 rolls.

Omera hasn’t yet mastered using chopsticks, but everytime we go or even have Chinese food at home, she always insists using chopsticks! I love how much dedication she has to learn it! Haytham on the other hand just plays with them like drum sticks!

Trying her best!

Overall, late night Sushi was a nice end to a busy birthday. Omera was very happy and so was Haytham. This won’t become a regular for us, but it was nice to have it again after such a long time.

Learning chopsticks!

Perhaps we will visit again sometime! Not soon thought…because that was a lot of food.

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See You Next Time!

~~ Lazina ~~

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