Fusion Festival Fun!

The Largest Most Diverse Festival EVER.

There are 2 video’s! Please check them both out! 🙂

If you have never been to British Columbia Canada, but would like to come and experience the diversity and beauty of this incredible province; the Fusion Festival is the time to come.

With representation from all ethnic groups that make up Canada, people came together and blended into one amazing 2 day outdoor party! Everything from food, music, to culture can be experienced at the Fusion Festival.

Happy Fusion Kids!

This year we decided to take the kids. They weren’t sure what to expect from our description. They only understood that there would be food, rides and music.  When we entered, it was through the amusement park portion, We thought it would be best to do the rides first, to get it out of their system, so that they can focus later on the Fusion part!

There were many bouncy castles, a ferris wheel, different types of kiddie rides and this spinning ride that made my mind boggle! It was $1 for 1 ticket so not cheap and most rides called for about 5 tickets. The bouncy slide castle was 1 ticket 1 slide which had me feeling  ….

$1 for 1 slide! You have got to be kidding me!

After the bouncy castle it was off to the rides- which they loved. No complaints there! They also decided to conjure up the courage to ride the ferris wheel. Now I’m not good with heights- not like in a building, but in an open little carriage dangling high up in the sky held into place by some metal…hahahaha that sounds so scary I have to stop talking about it.

So high up!

But they had a fun time! Omera and Haytham were both really scared once it got up high, but they were so brave! I was really proud!  We decided after this, to start the fusion festival part! The first up, the Metis People display.

The Proud Metis People

For some it’s hard to celebrate Canada Day, given it’s not a pleasant memory for all groups of people. The ugliness is in the horrible truth that this country was once invaded, butchered and colonized. A entire race of people suffered the cruelty that comes from ‘making’ a country. Which is why the Fusion Festival is the perfect time to celebrate but also honor the Indigenous people of Canada- which was the very first stall we went to. You can’t miss the large teepee’s. They beckon to you to come and learn about the indigenous people and their culture.

It was a cultural eye opener for Omera. That people existed here before Canada did. It’s a hard topic to explain but I was honest. Canada is Indigenous land, it is nobody’s land but theirs. We are all immigrants- PERIOD.

Couldn’t eat the Poutine 🙁

French Canadian was our next stall- I mean obviously we’re going to get fries! I wish we could have tried something more there but unfortunately,  nothing was  Halal so we settled for fries. But the kids love fries so it’s a winner regardless. That was a quick small snack. We ate those fries while watching the amazing music performance on stage! Like wow. No joke, the video does not do it justice!

The music was amazing!

We had to make sure we got Haytham on the baby leash. Whatever your opinion may be on baby leashes, mine is that I want to keep my child safe. It’s a big crowd, there are a lot of people there and I don’t want to lose my first and only son. Of course he tried to baby flash as always, so there were times we just had to pick him up so he didn’t get flattened by the sea of people.

It was past lunch time at this point and the fries were only going to hold us off for a bit until we could find more treats!

Stall after stall of amazing places to see!

We forgot to take proper video of the food we tried- sorry was just too hungry to focus. Barbados was our first food stop- the flying fish! Oh my god, if you have never had this, WOW. The flavour was everything I expected – sweet, spicy, and just tender good fish!

As we ventured on, the crowd would swell up and down depending on what performance was happening and where. There were great performances playing all around, but since I was holding up Haytham and Areeb was holding up Omera nobody could hold the camera up >_< Sorry.

But my kids- they lit up! It was their first time watching something so incredible. Dancing, singing, sparkles in their eyes! It was well worth the pain in my neck holding up my boy.

These ladies had the whole crowd dancing!

South Africa and Ecuador had small performances at their stalls- which was a nice treat! We were able to just catch them, which was good luck on our part. Haytham was really into the music, he swayed his hips and tried to mimic singing like the artist. It was the cutest thing ever.

China was a bit bland. I sort of expected more zazz. I don’t know why, I guess since everything in China is so over the top in amazing, I honestly thought they might have a giant panda outside their stall. But alas it was a quick visit.

China wasn’t too exciting.


Afghanistan is where we got some good good food. You could smell that BBQ all the way down. We honestly just followed that smell of barbecuing meat and corn. Yeah, watch the video and drool. It was very tasty! We got both chicken and beef kebabs – no regrets on that purchase. But there really isn’t any place to comfortably sit and eat. So we just sat down on the grass and fed the kids and ate. Still not a bad experience for us, because it was really enjoyable to sit there and watch people as we ate.

Beef & Chicken kebabs~

Palestine. Holds a special place in my heart. Putting aside all politics, I simply was in awe with the magnificence of Palestine. Coexisting for thousands of years with 3 major religions- in peace. It is something I think that can be achieved again.  Christian and Muslim Palestinians showcased pictures, history and art from Palestine.

Had to sit down on the ground to eat.

Afghanistan, is where the grill was at! The art showcased through their clothing, pictures, paintings to jewelry- it was incredible. Much has been taken from Afghanistan, but the human spirit, the art, the religion, the love, the hospitality of these people remain INTACT in all it’s beautiful glory. Through wars, through colonization, through invasion, through it all; losing so much, they smiled. It was heartfelt. The food was warm and flavourful. The culture- incredible. If you haven’t ever tasted Afghani food- GO OUT THERE NOW AND FIND SOME!

The lady kindly did Haythams hands for free.

India is where the henna art was at! $5 per hand is pretty standard, and Omera really wanted to get it done. And of course since Omera got it done, Haytham wanted it done too. The lady was nice enough to do cute smiley faces on both of Haythams hands. They had beautiful clothes and items native to the different parts of India. People often misunderstand India to be a strictly Hindu country, it’s not. There are different ethnic groups, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists. With ethnicities ranging from the Chinese, to African to Spanish. It’s truly a melting pot like you never knew it. Its not a ‘brown’ country as some people think…

FIJI!!! My Mother land!

Fijian Islands. My mothers home. My fathers home. My home. Where I was born, my grandparents and their grandparents born. Brought originally as indentured slaves of the British. Home of the Bula, to Island vibes, to coconut trees, to the clearest bluest sea’s you will ever see.  It was so great to see that Fijian flag and so good to see a bula shirt. Brought back waves of memories and feelings. Omera didn’t really understand too well that I was from this place. She only understood that she was half brown and half chinese …a little heartbreaking. But it’s not that she means anything of it. She only understands this much right now. It’s okay. Once she saw those hibiscus flowers and a bula shirt, I like to think she connected.

Dancing time!

South Africa- had the best impromptu performance! Complete with some booty moves. Seriously these ladies have such skills and their clothes- wow the colours! I really wanted to get in there and get me a shirt, but I didn’t want to squeeze through their performance. Watch the video and be in awe! They even got another guy from a different stall in to join! It was awesome!

Jamaica is where the bombastic smoothies are! I have never had a bombastic anything and I will have to confess, I love it. So tasty! The kids really couldn’t stop drinking it.

Bula bula!

Ecuador, we didn’t get a chance to get in there and look around since they were doing a performance. I’m not sure what the song or the dance was, but it was very nice! Got the vibes of the crowd watching swaying their hips!

Germany. THEY HAD A ROTISSERIE OF PORK! LIKE HOW!?!? Oktober fest was alive and well kicking at the German booth! They had a large crowd just taking pictures of the wow that was going on there. We don’t eat pork so we didn’t buy anything from there, but it was still incredible to see.

Musical Instruments of Togo!

Togo is where Omera got to experience musical instruments she had never played before. They were instruments she had never seen, but somehow she just knew how to play it. It was actually pretty interesting to see the sparkle in her eyes trying to play. I wish we had more time in this booth, but alas, Classified was waiting.

The Lolas were playing in the background. I had never heard of them, but wow that live performance had me going on my phone and following them immediately on instagram!


After them was Classified. Of course my kids didn’t know who he was, Areeb didn’t know either. HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW!!! HE SANG OH CANADA!! If you don’t know Classified, how are you even living your life normally? You just feel like putting your arms up and bobbing your head along! If my kids hadn’t started getting a bit restless about going back to the amusement park again, I would have stayed till closing. But alas, we left mid way through the large crowd to the amusement park.  He sang one of my favorites “That ain’t classy” – it’s literally a very classy song!

The Lola’s!

The kids got to ride again in the night with everything lit up! It was actually just the perfect end to the perfect day.

Messing around with the mist machine!

My kids got to try so many new things at the Fusion Festival. From their first ever ferris wheel ride, to meeting Metis people, to learning about cultures they didn’t know about, to somewhat understanding they were half Fijian. They also got their first henna tattoos, first concert, first Jamaican smoothie, first time meeting a Police lady, trying food that they weren’t used to; living and experiencing is what we can give our kids.

I like to think and hope that they will continue to grow and learn from other cultures. We are not all the same, but that’s why we try to learn from each other. So that we understand, accept what’s different and hold hands regardless of it.

The night ended with smiles 🙂

See you Next Time!

~ ~ Lazina ~ ~

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